NASEO Resources: Volkswagen Settlement

Through the United States v. Volkswagen Group of America et al., Volkswagen AG has agreed to spend $14.7 billion to settle allegations of cheating emissions standards. Of that amount, $2 billion will be spent on national zero emission vehicle investments, and $2.7 billion will be used to establish an Environmental Mitigation Trust, which states and territories may use to invest in transportation projects that will reduce NOx emissions.

NASEO has developed a series of resources to support State Energy Offices as they engage with other state offices and develop plans under the Settlement. Check back in the coming months for additional information. 

NASEO Webinar: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technology Update – Options Under the VW Settlement

On June 1, NASEO held a webinar that reviewed the latest on-road, medium- and heavy-duty alternative fuel vehicle technologies eligible for funding under the VW settlement. A recording of the webinar and copies of the presentations can be downloaded below.

NASEO Webinar: Emissions Tools for States and VW Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Toolkit Overview

On March 29, NASEO held a webinar to discuss emissions tools that states may use when calculating NOx and other emissions reductions for their Beneficiary Mitigation Plans under the Volkswagen Settlement. The webinar also provided an overview of NASEO’s recently released Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Toolkit. A recording of the webinar and copies of the presentations can be downloaded below.

VW Settlement – Emissions Tools Webinar

NASEO Releases VW Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Toolkit

NASEO's Volkswagen Settlement Beneficiary Mitigation Plan Toolkit is a resource for State Energy Offices, State Environmental Agencies, and others to use as they develop their plans. The report provides an overview of the portions of the settlement that are relevant to the states; highlights plan considerations for beneficiaries; various repower and replacement options, and tools that states can use to calculate NOx and other emissions reductions; and summarizes each eligible mitigation action, provides estimates of expected NOx reductions, and showcases successful implementation of technologies. 

NASEO Presentation: Volkswagen Settlement Overview and Opportunities for States

NASEO has developed a presentation with basic information on the Volkswagen Settlement, including an overview of the ZEV Investment Plan, a breakdown of Environmental Mitigation Trust allocation by state, and a breakdown of each eligible mitigation action (updated February 2017).

Volkswagen Settlement – Environmental Mitigation Trust Estimated Timing – Updated 3/21/17

To take advantage of allocated funds under the Environmental Mitigation Trust portion of the Volkswagen Settlement, states will need to submit Certification Forms and a Beneficiary Mitigation Plan. NASEO has developed a tentative timeline for actions that States will need to take under the Settlement, based on the final Consent Decree.

Volkswagen Settlement – Proposed Changes to the Partial Consent Decree

A Motion for Entry of Partial Consent Decree has been filed for the Volkswagen Settlement, and includes a series of proposed changes to Appendix D - the Environmental Mitigation Trust. NASEO has developed a brief summary of changes that NASEO finds are particularly relevant to State Energy Offices and other state leads.

NASEO Comments: United States v. Volkswagen Group of America et al.

NASEO submitted comments on the Partial Consent Decree in the United States v. Volkswagen Group of America et al., stressing the need to allow states greater flexibility in the expenditure of Environmental Mitigation Trust Funds.

NASEO Webinar: Volkswagen Settlement

On July 21, NASEO held a webinar to discuss the Volkswagen AG Settlement, during which NASEO reviewed relevant portions of the proposed consent decree, highlighted opportunities for State Energy Offices, and discussed whether states are interested in coordinating comments. 

NASEO Memo: Volkswagen Settlement – State Funding Opportunities and Background Information

NASEO issued a memo to State Energy Offices and Affiliate Members summarizing relevant portions of the Volkswagen AG settlement and highlighting opportunities for State Energy Offices.