SEP Funding Leveraged to Coordinate Energy Emergency Preparedness Planning Efforts

Government Leading by Example (GLBE) Program

Energy emergency preparedness planning activities and meetings/tabletop exercises

Energy audits and cost-share funding


In Idaho, the State Energy Office leverages SEP funding to coordinate Idaho’s energy planning and policy development. This includes support for energy emergency preparedness planning activities as well as educating rural communities about energy efficiency through the state’s Government Leading by Example (GLBE) program.

Energy-related emergency preparedness planning activities that Idaho participates in include updating Idaho’s Energy Assurance Plan, development of a petroleum shortage response plan, and participation in all energy-related emergency preparedness planning meetings and tabletop exercises.  Recently, the Energy Office assisted in the development and production of an energy resilience workshop that included a diverse set of stakeholders from the public and private sector.

Through the GLBE program, Idaho’s energy office partners with rural counties and communities to reduce energy use in existing public buildings. By providing resources like energy audits and cost-share funding, the energy office helps local governments pursue energy efficient projects in order to demonstrate the importance and ease of energy conservation to rural communities. Idaho’s efforts help communities of all sizes across the state, but are especially helpful to small, rural communities that do not have the staff levels or resources of larger cities.

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