Governor Mills, Maine, Calls Approval of Renewable Energy Projects, Led by Solar, “Historic Step Forward”

Source: rlmartin

Governor Janet Mills of Maine recently released a statement praising statewide approvals of 17 renewable energy projects, noting “a historic step forward in Maine’s effort to embrace renewable energy, create good paying green-collar jobs, diversify and expand our economy, and combat the threat of climate change.” Approved through the Maine Public Utilities Commission, a listing of each project bid including biomass, hydroelectric, onshore wind, and solar resources, can be found here.

Building off legislation signed by the governor in July 2019, created to bolster clean energy growth and address climate change, these projects will assist in Maine’s goals of reaching 80 percent renewable energy statewide by 2030 and emissions reductions of 80 percent by 2050.

Of the projects awarded, the majority were solar energy, which will account for approximately 482 megawatts of the 546 megawatts of projects approved through the Commission. Maine has less than 100 megawatts of solar installed. With this procurement and other policies, Maine is slated to add significantly more solar to its electric grid in the next few years.

Based on estimates from bidders, these projects will create 450 jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 500,000 tons per year, according to the Commission.