Minnesota Officially Adopts Clean Car Standards

Source: RL Martin

On July 26, 2021 Governor Tim Walz celebrated Minnesota officially enacting Low Emission Vehicles (LEV) standards and Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards. These standards, already adopted by 14 other states and the District of Columbia, require auto manufacturers to offer more low-pollution gas vehicles over time, as well as electric or hybrid vehicles which produce no tailpipe emissions. The standard will take effect in 2024 with 7 percent of vehicle sales in Minnesota required to be electric.

Governor Walz said, with these standards “we’re creating jobs across every corner of the state, we’re giving Minnesotans more choices at their local car dealer, we’re saving Minnesotans money, and we’re reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment for future generations. These clean cars standards are a win across the board. With cleaner air, more car options, economic growth, and less money spent on foreign oil, every Minnesotan will benefit.”

This announcement advances the goals identified in Minnesota’s 2025 Energy Action Plan, developed by the Minnesota Department of Commerce Energy Division. That plan identifies electrification of the transportation sector as a key priority with the goal of increasing the adoption of personal EVs and electrifying fleet vehicles and buses around the state.

Adoption of these standards will help ensure that these vehicles are available locally to Minnesotans, while improving air quality and continuing as a leader on climate action.