Washington, DC Expands Access to Solar Projects

Source: RL Martin

On May 17, 2022, Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced an expansion of funding for community and residential solar in the District through two recent loan closings from the DC Green Bank. The two deals will (1) provide no-cost solar energy to low-to-moderate income residents across 320 residential projects and (2) support community solar serving 15 residential projects under Solar for All.  The Solar for All program is run through the DC Department of Energy and Environment (DC DOEE) and works to lower electricity bills by installing residential solar and community solar projects that benefit low-to-moderate income residents.

The first deal, with solar developer PosiGen, at $7 million, is the largest in the DC Green Bank’s history and is expected to create hundreds of construction jobs and generate more than 3,600 MWh of renewable energy annually. The second deal, with Uprise Electric Company, will look to cut electricity bills for customers by 50 percent, create new jobs, and generate more than 90 MWh of renewable energy. This project will also utilize $100,000 from the Solar for All program.

“This is a huge win for the DC Green Bank and for the District as a whole,” said DOEE Director Tommy Wells. “Community solar is just one of the ways Mayor Bowser’s administration is working to secure a cleaner, greener future for the District, and we are so pleased to see these kinds of partnerships growing in the District.” More details can be found here.