Oregon Releases New Interactive Tool and Report on Renewable Energy Siting

Source: Oregon Department of Energy

The Oregon Department of Energy in partnership with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development, Oregon State University’s Institute for Natural Resources, and the U.S. Department of Defense has published a new report and online interactive tool that will help local governments, Tribes, communities, policymakers, agencies, energy developers, and other stakeholders access important information and considerations for potential renewable energy in Oregon.

The 2022 Oregon Renewable Energy Siting Assessment Report provides key findings, information about siting processes, critical data, stakeholder perspectives, and analysis reflecting the expertise of federal, tribal, state, and local governments, as well as input from industry, technical advisors, community representatives, and non-governmental organizations. The online Mapping and Reporting Tool includes robust data and queries for military, energy, natural resources, communities, and other important considerations. Users can interact with and browse spatial data, create site-specific reports to support early notification, and review additional information such as regulatory process maps, assessments, and resources that are not reflected in the spatial data.

“As we work to meet Oregon’s long-term energy needs and clean energy goals, we must balance new energy development and policy choices with the effects of those choices,” said Oregon Department of Energy Director Janine Benner. “We hope the tool and materials developed through this project encourage productive conversations and solutions to meeting Oregon’s energy needs.” Additional information and background materials, including a set of topic-based assessments and siting procedures review are available on the Oregon Department of Energy’s website.