Oregon Department of Energy Releases 2022 Biennial Energy Report

Source: Oregon Department of Energy

On November 1, 2022, the Oregon Department of Energy released its latest Biennial Energy Report. The Report, funded in part by State Energy Program dollars, provides key data on Oregon’s energy policies, resources, trends, and forecasts to the legislature. The Report discusses important steps Oregon is currently taking to achieve a cleaner, low-carbon future, and overviews key considerations and investments that the state is making in new energy resources and system-wide planning. Additionally, the Report now also includes an interactive energy history timeline that shows the evolution of Oregon’s energy systems since the state was founded, as well as significant events that impacted the state’s Tribal nations. Finally, the Report recommends that the state develop a statewide energy strategy to align its policy and programmatic developments as well as financial investments and technical assistance efforts.  To ask questions about the plan, provide feedback, or request a report presentation for an organization or community group, please contact ODOE here.