Washington State, Vermont, and Oregon Adopt Clean Vehicle Rules

Source: Adobe Stock/Brian

On December 19, 2022, the Washington State Department of Ecology adopted three clean vehicle regulations: Advanced Clean Cars II Rule (ACC II), the Heavy-Duty Omnibus Low NOx Rule, and the Fleet Reporting Requirement. Vermont and Oregon also adopted ACC II rules requiring manufacturers to produce and deliver increasing percentages of zero-emission vehicles.

In Washington State, the ACC II regulation requires 35 percent of new passenger vehicle sales to be zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs), beginning in model year 2026. The rule also boosts requirements for EV performance through more robust battery durability. ACC II also includes provisions for optional early action credits which apply to model year 2023-2025 vehicles, helping to ease automakers into the first few years of program compliance. The Heavy-Duty Omnibus Low NOx Rule requires manufacturers to reduce harmful emissions from new fossil fuel powered heavy-duty trucks. The Fleet Reporting Requirement requires fleet operators of businesses, government agencies, municipalities, transit agencies, etc. to report information about medium-and-heavy duty vehicles that will allow the state to assess essential information on truck fleet operations to accelerate pollution reduction efforts. 

In Vermont, starting in 2025, the ACT rule will require manufacturers to produce and sell an increasing percentage of zero-emission trucks and buses annually through 2035. Similarly, the ACC II will require automakers to gradually increase the percentage of ZEVs within the state to achieve the goal of 100 percent EV sales by 2035. Both rules will help Vermont meet the emissions reduction requirements in Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2020

Oregon’s ACC II rule will require auto manufacturers to deliver 100 percent new zero emission battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by 2035. The rule also makes updates to the original ACC program to ensure new gasoline and diesel vehicles sold through 2024 have the cleanest emissions possible. 

For more information on Washington State’s ACC rules please visit: https://ecology.wa.gov/Regulations-Permits/Laws-rules-rulemaking/Rulemaking/WAC173-423-400Jan18
For more information on Vermont’s ACC rules: https://dec.vermont.gov/airquality/laws/recent-regs
For information on Oregon’s ACC II rules: https://www.oregon.gov/deq/rulemaking/Pages/CleanCarsII.aspx