The Colorado Energy Office Launches Statewide Community-Level Electrification Pilot

Source: RL Martin

On June 23, 2023, the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) launched the High Efficiency Electric Heating and Appliances (HEEHA) pilot grant program, which will scale-up heat pump and other electrification technology adoption efforts on the community level. The funding can be used by public, private, and non-profit entities to cover up to 50-85 percent of project costs, which may encompass building, infrastructure, and equipment upgrades, as well as planning costs associated with staff and contractor time to identify and implement the upgrades (e.g., community organizing time, administrative costs, and energy audits). Each project must introduce upgrades to at least five housing units or three businesses or building units, provided the community-level focus of the program. This pilot has $10.85 million in funding to carry out between five and ten electrification projects in communities across Colorado. At least 30 percent of the total pilot grant funding must be allocated to projects in disadvantaged or low-income communities, or communities formerly dependent on coal and fossil fuel industries, also known as “just transition communities”. The program is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis through June 2026. For more on applicant and project eligibility, program guidelines, and how to apply, please visit the High Efficiency Electric Heating & Appliances Grant Program webpage.