U.S. Department of Energy Launches ESPC Campaign

Source: U.S. Department of Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has launched a new Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Campaign. The Campaign is a voluntary initiative to help states, local governments, schools, and other public-sector organizations modernize public buildings, address deferred maintenance, save on utility bills, and achieve efficiency and environmental targets with the use of performance contracting – a mechanism that offers guaranteed savings at little to no upfront cost. The ESPC Campaign engages public sector partners and industry allies to share and demonstrate tools, resources, and best practice approaches to expand and enhance ESPC programs and projects. Through access to DOE technical assistance and peer exchange and networking opportunities, the ESPC Campaign will help partners achieve $1 billion in measured and verified savings by 2030. To join or learn more, please visit the campaign website or contact ESPCcampaign@hq.doe.gov.
NASEO has long worked with states, U.S. DOE, the Energy Services Coalition (ESC), National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), national laboratories, industry, and other stakeholders to enhance ESPC and other energy financing mechanisms to help states meet their economic, energy, and environmental objectives. Please see NASEO’s Energy Financing and ESPC pages for more information.