NASEO and NARUC Release Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker to Highlight State Activities Surrounding Advanced Nuclear

Source: NASEO

On March 4, 2024, the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) released an Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker. The tracker provides an overview of advanced nuclear activities and partnerships organized by state government entities including state public utility commissions, State Energy Offices, state legislatures and governor’s offices.

Focusing on states’ activities that may impact advanced nuclear deployment, the tracker highlights state actions from 2013 to the present and will be updated monthly to provide timely and relevant information. Details of relevant executive orders, policies and programs and state legislation across the United States and the District of Columbia are also included.

“State Energy Offices will benefit greatly from utilizing the tool to explore diverse, state-level approaches to supporting advanced nuclear,” said Molly Cripps, Director of the Tennessee State Energy Office and NASEO Vice Chair. “The tool provides examples of advanced nuclear policies and programs across the country and will be an important resource for identifying paths forward to support advanced nuclear research, development, and deployment across the U.S. and globally.”

"Having the ability to see the types of approaches states are taking to advanced nuclear program implementation is invaluable to state regulators,” said Commissioner Katherine L. Peretick of the Michigan Public Service Commission. “This information will assist states in considering diverse approaches to advanced nuclear activities and foster consideration of what model best fits an individual state’s energy policy priorities.”

The Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker resulted from Advanced Nuclear State Collaborative (ANSC) member feedback that additional information on how states are engaging to support advanced nuclear would be beneficial to state advanced nuclear planning efforts.

“NARUC is excited to offer this tool to our members and stakeholders as a resource for tracking and learning about state advanced nuclear activities,” said NARUC Center for Partnerships and Innovation Senior Director Danielle Sass Byrnett. “Naturally, decision makers want to understand what their colleagues have done in other states, so they can learn from those efforts. The Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker provides an accessible platform for easily identifying key state advanced nuclear activities.”

“State Energy Offices are leading the development of state policy and analytical activities in many states and helping to accelerate advanced nuclear opportunities,” added NASEO Executive Director David Terry. “The Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker provides governors’ State Energy Office Directors with up-to-date information and examples that can aid in the development of executive orders, legislation, and public-private investment partnership to move advanced nuclear projects forward to help meet reliability, decarbonization, economic development, and other goals.”

To successfully maintain up-to-date information on advanced nuclear state activities and partnerships, a tracker update request submission form is available on the tracker webpage. Individuals familiar with state advanced nuclear activities are encouraged to make submissions for additions to the tracker.

The Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker is a product of work created through the ANSC with support from the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy. The ANSC convenes state utility regulators and State Energy Officials to enhance collective understanding of the unique regulatory and policy questions surrounding the consideration and deployment of new nuclear generation and support peer learning across states.

Access the NARUC-NASEO Advanced Nuclear State Action Tracker at