Kentucky Releases Hydrogen Truck Fueling Feasibility Study

Source: NASEO

On April 2, 2024, Kentucky Office of Energy Policy released the Hydrogen feasibility study, “Hydrogen-Powered Truck Operations in Kentucky.” The feasibility study examines the potential for hydrogen-powered truck deployment in Kentucky and identifies the opportunities, barriers, and potential funding sources to support deployment. The study looks at two potential hydrogen truck refueling scenarios: 1) Long-distance point-to-point freight operations serving major manufacturing facilities along a major manufacturing corridor; and 2) Centralized hub and spoke freight operations where all trucks would depart from and return to the same facility each day. For each scenario, the study examines three levels of investment including a pilot scale with one small temporary fueling station; a liquid delivery permanent station receiving liquid delivery; and a permanent station with on-site hydrogen production.

The analysis determines that hydrogen liquid delivery would be the best approach as it could serve up to 20 trucks per day for the long-distance scenario, and up to 50 trucks per day for the hub and spoke operation. The report includes an action plan that the state can take to advance hydrogen powered truck fueling in Kentucky. The action plan details a timeline, recommendation actions, and the recommended agencies to involve in planning including the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Metropolitan Planning organizations, and universities.